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How do I close my membership?

If you wish to close your membership, please visit a branch location, email us at (please DO NOT include your account number), or mail a signed letter with your request. However, keep in mind: Even if you move or change jobs, our “once a member, always a member” policy holds true, and we offer “anytime, anywhere” services for you to continue your banking with us, such as:

By using online or mobile banking, you will always have access to view your account history and balances. Plus, checks can be deposited remotely through the mobile app.

We have ATMs available nationwide that are service-charge-free, for convenient transactions. View ATM locations.

Also, FNCU is a part of Shared Branching which gives our members access to their FNCU account by visiting other credit unions in the shared branching network. The branches can accept deposits, withdrawals, and loan payments. Learn more about Shared branching.

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