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I would like to print my checking accounts’ transactions. How can I do that?

In online/mobile banking, when you click on your checking account to display your transactions, there is a section right above the transaction list with a “From Date” and “To Date.” Now you have several options.

  1. Enter the date range for transactions you wish to see, then change the drop-down to CSV (.csv). Next, click on the down-arrow to the left of CSV (this will download the transactions to an Excel document). You could then print the transaction from there.
  2. Or, if you do not have Microsoft Excel, or prefer to print straight from the website, you can do the following: Once you have input the “From Date” and “To Date” to display the transactions you wish to see, you can right-click in the blue bar next to “Transactions.” A pop-up menu will give you an option to print. This will print the whole webpage, including all displayed transactions.
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