Employee Recognition

Celebrate employee recognitions with us, such as new management, team members, retirements and anniversaries.

cole race

Cole Race

Celebrating 5 years with FNCU! Consumer Lending Coordinator

11/23 – Cole started as a part time teller and moved into a financial service specialist role before his current position, which is Consumer Lending Coordinator.
He said he works so he can afford to buy toys for his dog. 😊


Lori Purchase

Celebrating 10 years with FNCU! Senior Deposit Operations Specialist

9/23 – Lori has had many jobs at First Nebraska, including Financial Services Specialist, Training, Branch Manager, and Deposit Operations. She is currently a Senior Deposit Operations Specialist.
Lori has three grown boys and a fabulous partner.  She moved to the country a few years ago, and likes the peace and quiet much more than she ever imagined she could.
She said, “I love summer and hot weather, so we can be in the pool or on the boat.” She is a fan of Royals baseball and the Huskers.