Send money with Bill Pay

There are 3 ways to transfer/send money using Bill Pay:

You can transfer money to your other accounts or send it to another person. Just login to Online Banking or the Mobile Banking App and click Bill Pay to get started.

two people doing a high five signifying they paid each other money

1. Transfer Between My Accounts: Send or receive funds from FNCU to your other financial institution (also known as A2A)

  • Choose “Transfer Between My Accounts” in the dropdown.
  • Fund availability may take up to 6 days.
  • $500 maximum.


2. Pay a Person: Send funds to anyone (also known as P2P)

  • Choose “Pay a Person” in the dropdown.
  • To send funds, all you need is their name and email or phone number. Then create a secret word and tell them what it is.
  • They get a notification via email or text and enter the secret word to accept the funds.
  • They choose to receive funds to their debit card or checking account. Funds available to debit card within minutes, and up to 2 days for a checking account.
  • $250 maximum.


3. Send ACH Payment: Send funds electronically to another person or account using their account number and routing number.

  • Choose “Send ACH Payment in the dropdown.
  • Setup one-time or recurring payments.