Bill Pay

Pay one-time or recurring bills from your FNCU checking account.

You must be enrolled in Online Banking and have a Checking Account to use this service.

Quickly and easily pay all of your bills in one place using Bill Pay.

  • Save time and money – no more check writing, no more stamps, no more hassles!
  • Pay most merchants electronically. If a merchant cannot receive electronic payments, a check will be mailed.
  • View history to see what payments have been made or view pending payments you have established.

Please note: there is a 48-hour waiting period prior to scheduling your first bill pay item.

bill pay

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Online Banking:

Bill pay

Mobile App:

bill pay

Pay Bills

Pay Bills: Set up recurring bills or one-time payments from your FNCU checking account, and it will be paid on the day you choose, or as soon as possible. Setup payees using:

  • Pay with Picture: Easily setup new payees by taking a picture or uploading a picture of your bill. (Give it some time to “read” the information.)
  • Add Payee: Setup payees manually.

Send Money

Pay a Person: Send funds to anyone. (also known as P2P)

  • To send funds, all you need is their name and email or phone number. Then create a secret word and tell them what it is.
  • They get a notification via email or text and enter the secret word to accept the funds.
  • They choose to receive funds to their debit card or checking account.
  • Funds available to debit card within minutes, and up to 2 days for a checking account.
  • $250 max.

Transfer Between My Accounts: Send or receive funds from FNCU to your other financial institution. (also known as A2A)

  • Fund availability may take up to 6 days.
  • $500 max.

Send ACH Payment: Send funds electronically to another person or account using their account number and routing number. Setup one-time or recurring payments using the Send ACH Payment option.