Interactive Teller Machine (ITM)

Complete more complex transactions from the convenience of your car when you use Teller Assistance (even without an ATM or debit card)! Interactive teller machine

When you go through our drive-thru at Yankee Hill-Lincoln, you won’t see a teller window, but you still have full access to our drive-thru services with our new Interactive Teller Machine. Touch the screen and press “Teller Assistance” and a friendly FNCU Teller can help you with your banking needs during drive-thru hours. We may ask you to scan your ID for verification. You have free, unlimited access to all FNCU branch ATMs and ITMs.

Choose the bills you want. picture of 1, 5, 20, and 50 dollar bills.

Note: Don’t have a debit card? We offer same-day issuance of our debit cards inside every branch location!

ITM Features24/7 with ATM or Debit CardTeller-Assist+
Deposits,* withdrawals,** transfers
Balance inquiries
Cash available in $1, $5, $20, $50
Choose specific cash withdrawal amounts (Ex. $23.00, $57.00, etc.)
Deposit cash and checks all at one time (up to 50!)
Image of checks printed on receipt
Address change requestn/a
Loan paymentn/a
Use without ATM or debit card (ID required)n/a

+ Teller Assistance with an FNCU Teller available Mon-Fri: 8 am–6 pm and Sat: 9 am–12:30 pm. * Funds from deposits may not be available for immediate withdrawal. Please refer to FNCU terms and conditions governing funds availability for details. ** Up to a $400 daily limit on cash withdrawals with ATM or debit card. NOTE: Official checks not offered through ITM (Visit lobby for assistance.)