Credit Monitoring Activation

Credit monitoring provides protection against identity theft by monitoring your credit report for new activity. If and when any new activity occurs, you will receive an alert which has been triggered by a change in your credit file. The alert will provide details on the type of activity which has triggered the change: new credit account, application for any type of loan, or change of address — to name a few. If you believe any activity is fraudulent, our Recovery Advocates are available to assist you. Actively monitoring your credit report will ensure identity theft is recognized and with the help of our Recovery Advocates, handled properly and expediently.

  • If you decide to activate this service, you will receive alerts of changes to your credit file that could signal identity theft. We can even send the alerts to you in a text message for ease of use and rapid communication. The entitlement is applicable to individuals age 18 and older who have a valid credit file.

Note: You must follow an easy activation process in order to receive the benefits of credit monitoring. Click on “Activate Credit Monitoring” below and enter your temporary Enrollment ID, as shown in the formula:  

Identity theft credit monitoring formula