Savvy the Sandhill Crane

savvy the sandhill crane
Meet Savvy

Savvy, the Sandhill Crane
FNCU’s mascot!

Savvy stopped in Nebraska during migration, and loved it so much, she decided to stay!

“When I saw First Nebraska was looking for a mascot, I knew I’d be the perfect fit! I represent good fortune, happiness and longevity. I am also a symbol of peace, wisdom, fidelity and goodwill to others, which are all characteristics of the credit union philosophy of “people helping people,” and complements FNCU’s company values.

Plus, Nebraska is a special place for Sandhill Cranes. Each year, 400,000–600,000 of us stop to rest and refuel in Nebraska during our migration.”

savvy the sandhill crane


Where in the world is Flat Savvy?

Where in the world is Flat Savvy?

Flat Savvy is making her way around the world! Where will she go next?

To see where Savvy has gone, check out our map!

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Flat Savvy

I’m Flat Savvy, and I’d like to travel with you! You can take me on vacation, to the Zoo, to see the Sandhill Crane migration, to other countries, or anywhere!

I’d love it if you took a picture of me at all these fabulous places, and shared them with First Nebraska!

Post the pictures on social media (and tag First Nebraska Credit Union), or email them to!*

David B. Flat Savvy in Minnesota
Flat Savvy at Lake Superior in Minnesota with David B.
Flat Savvy

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Paula Warner Drawings

Paula Warner, artist

Savvy’s design was inspired by native Nebraska artist, Paula Warner. Paula designed six original pen-and-ink drawings for FNCU, and each of our branches has one on display. View her art in several galleries in Nebraska, or check out her book, “Introducing Sandy Crane” online. Learn more about Paula’s art by visiting

Sandhill Crane drawing
Sandhill Crane drawing
Sandhill Crane drawing
Sandhill Crane License Plates

Want to help save the Sandhill Cranes?

Get a Nebraska license plate with a Sandhill Crane, and help donate to the Wildlife Conservation Fund.

Sandhill crane license plate

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