Joining the Credit Union

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Advantages for Your Business, Benefits for Your Employees

As you know, a company’s benefits package can make the difference between happy employees and employee turnover, and can help attract great new employees. Employees are looking for a company that not only provides them competitive wages but also a company that is looking at investing in them. What better way to say “we value you” than to offer financial services and wellness.

With the increasing costs of providing benefits, our Select Employee Group program makes more sense today than ever. We offer this benefit at no cost to employers!

How Can My Employees Join the Credit Union?

As long as your company is one of our Select Employee Groups, your employees are eligible to join FNCU. They can start by opening a Savings Account with a $5 deposit. Here’s the link to the new member application, or they can call us at (402) 492-9100.

If an employee is already a member, and wants to open another account (Secondary Savings, Christmas club Savings, Vacation Club Savings, IRAs, etc.), have them use this link to apply.

Credit Unions Serve the Best Interest of Your Employees

In providing competitive financial products and services, credit unions consistently cost less for financial services than other financial institutions. Credit unions operate not-for-profit, but as a service to their member-owners. That’s why FNCU can offer your employees above-average earnings on deposits and low rates on loans and credit cards.

In addition to great products and services, as a member of FNCU’s Select Employee Group Program, your employees will receive:

Free Materials and Informational Support
Financial Education
Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction Services

We can help everyone – in all stages of their financial journey.

Do you have new employees who do not have a financial account, or worry they cannot open one? We exist to serve all your employees – those just starting out, those who are repairing their financial situation, and those who are looking to meet their financial goals. For those who have had financial troubles, we can start them off with a savings account and financial education to help them through their situation. 

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Why a Credit Union?

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Why a Credit Union?

  • Not-for-profit
  • Local and member-owned
  • Known for better rates and lower fees

Why First Nebraska Credit Union?

  • Deposit funds directly from your paycheck into a savings account
  • Accessible to you anytime, anywhere (online & mobile)
  • 87,000 ATM locations worldwide
  • We’re motivated by service rather than profit
  • It’s easy to become a member!

Perks of being a member

  • MoneyMap – FREE budgeting tool
  • GreenPath – FREE financial counseling
  • Debt Protection and Insurance
  • Deposit a check remotely
  • Sign documents via email