You may be ready for a vacation, but is your checking account?

Have you taken a vacation lately? Taking some time off work has many benefits. Studies show people feel better about their jobs and their life, were more productive, more relaxed, more creative, and healthier after taking a vacation. In fact, vacations can significantly lower your risk for heart attacks!
Not only do you benefit from taking a vacation, so does the economy. Travelers (both domestic and inbound international) spent $1,036 billion in the U.S., which resulted in $2.4 trillion in economic output.2

No matter what type of vacation you take, you will want to figure out how much it will cost. After all, travel, food, entertainment, lodging and shopping are the pillars of vacation – and also where most of your vacation money will go!

Depending on the vacation you are planning, costs could average between $1,145 – $1,570 per person for a week. This means a family of 4 would need $4,580 – $6,280.2

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Vacation article

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