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Does your current Checking Account offer:

  • Identity Theft Protection1
    • Identity theft solutions can help you and your entire family recover from ANY type of identity theft (not just your FNCU accounts). We include this valuable benefit as part of your Checking Account, because we want to help protect you.
  • Loan Discounts2
    • We’ll take 0.25% off new loans. (Special loan rates or refinance not eligible for additional discounts.)
  • Overdraft Protection3
    • Automatically transfers money from your Savings into Checking if you accidentally have a negative checking balance. We do not charge for this feature. (Save yourself the cost of an overdraft fee.)
  • Round-up Savings4
    • Start building your savings easily and automatically every time you make purchases with your FNCU Visa® debit card. Each purchase gets rounded up to the next dollar and the difference is deposited into your FNCU savings account.

Ours do.

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* To open a checking account, you must have a share savings account which requires a minimum balance of $5. To qualify for a checking account, you must meet certain eligibility requirements. Certain checking accounts have a monthly service fee or a minimum balance fee. Parent/guardian required for account holders under 19. For more information on our fees for checking, visit firstnebraska.org/checking. All checking products and services are subject to applicable member agreements, terms and conditions.

1) Secure and Premier checking accounts include Identity Theft Solutions; Classic checking does not. For more information, visit firstnebraska.org/identity-theft-solutions.

2) Minimum age of 19 to apply for loan. All loans subject to approval. Rates, terms and conditions vary based on creditworthiness, qualifications, verification of sufficient monthly income and collateral conditions. Discount applies to new money only. Some types of loans do not qualify for the discount. Other restrictions may apply.

3) Checking accounts are automatically enrolled with primary savings as a backup funding source in the instance that an overdraft occurs. If checking account does not have enough money to cover a transaction, funds from a linked savings account will automatically transfer (if available). If there are not enough funds available between checking and savings, the transaction may be declined or subject to an overdraft fee.

4) When you enroll in the Round-up Savings feature, FNCU will round up your debit card transactions to the nearest whole dollar amount and transfer the difference from your designated checking account to the designated savings account. FNCU will not round up purchases posted for any transaction in which you do not have sufficient funds in your checking account and the round up transfer will be cancelled for that transaction. Transfers will resume as soon as sufficient funds are available. If any debit card transaction is subsequently cancelled or reversed, the corresponding transfer to your savings account will not be reversed and funds will remain in your savings account. ATM transactions are not included in the program. Round-up feature available for each debit card linked to a checking account. Any other FNCU account may be designated to receive the round up amount, excluding IRAs and certificates. You may cancel your participation at any time by contacting the Credit Union. FNCU may cancel or modify the Round-up Savings feature at any time without prior notice.