$50 Giveaway every week at our ITMs!

We are giving away $50 every week in May, June and July! Use our ITM at a participating location and you may receive a $50 bill instead of a $1, $5, or $20 bill!

In May:
Visit our ITM at our Lincoln North Branch (5070 N 32nd St, Lincoln, NE)

In June:
Visit our ITM at our Elkhorn Branch (20241 Manderson St., Elkhorn, NE)

In July:
Visit our ITM at our Yankee Hill Branch (8101 S. 40th St., Lincoln, NE)

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*FNCU ITM Cash Giveaway is open to FNCU members and non-members. Chances to win will continue until all the prize money is withdrawn by 7/31/2021. A $50 bill will be randomly inserted into a FNCU ATM/ITM cassette each week at that month’s participating branch location. Subject to the FNCU maximum daily limit of $400.00 from an ATM/ITM machine. Other financial institutions may have a different daily limit and fees/surcharges may apply. Sufficient funds must be available in account in order to withdrawal. No purchase necessary.