Covid-19 Financial Resources

Here’s some information that may help alleviate your financial hardships, including links to unemployment information, companies you can contact to ask for deferred payment (on utilities, insurance, credit cards, etc.) and local food distribution sites.


Unemployment in Nebraska – 

Questions about unemployment regarding COVID-19: go online to 

Applying for Unemployment: Go online to and “Sign in” or “Create a user account”. To apply, allot about an hour of time and gather a variety of information including:

    • Your Social Security Number
    • Home mailing address, zip code and county you live in
    • Telephone number
    • Your email address
    • Driver’s license number or State ID card number
    • If you select direct deposit, your bank routing number and account number
    • The company names for all your employers from the past 18 months as they appear on your paycheck stubs or W-2 forms
    • Complete mailing addresses of employers, including ZIP code and the city in which the business is physically located
    • Your start and end dates with each employer, including month, day, and year
    • Your reason for leaving each employer (lack of work, voluntary quit, discharge, leave of absence)
    • Employment authorization number and expiration date (if a non-citizen)
    • If you served in the military the past 18 months, DD 214 Member #4 Form
    • If you worked for the federal government as a civilian employee in the last 18 months, Standard Form 8 or Standard Form 50. Also, compile your total wages earned with the federal employer in the last 18 months and indicate how you were paid (hourly, weekly, and monthly).



Call Mortgage holder/landlord for possible options to delay or defer payments.

In Lincoln, Federal financial assistance is available for housing and Utilities. Apply by contacting one of these local organizations who are assisting the City in processing applications: 

  • Family Service: 402-441-7949
  • Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach: 402-875-5782
  • CenterPointe: 402-475-5161
  • People’s City Mission: 402-475-1303  
  • PCM Help Center: 402-475-6888
  • Community Action Partnership: 402-471-4515 ext. 1831
  • [Applicant’s age 24 and under]:
    • Cedars Youth Services: 402-437-8850
    • The HUB: 402-471-8526


Call your energy provider to see what options are available

  • MUD – 402-554-6666
  • OPPD – 402-536-4131
  • Mid-American Energy – 1-888-427-5632
  • Black Hills Energy – 1-888-890-5554
  • Lincoln Water & Water Waste Systems – 402-441-7551
  • LES (Lincoln Electric Systems) – 402-475-4211



Call your providers to ask about payment deferral or other options.


Auto Insurance

Call your insurance providers to ask about delayed payments.


Credit Cards/Other creditors not being refinanced

If your credit union cannot refinance or loan enough money to make payments, call your creditors to see if they will defer payments, and ask what options they have available (waiver of late fees, lowering interest, etc.)


Student Loans

Private student loans – Call lender to see if you are eligible for deferred payments and/or no interest options. 

Federal student loans –


Help with utilities, food or other essentials

Contact the Salvation Army:

  • Omaha – Call 402-898-6090
  • Lincoln – Call 402-474-6263


Food – Local Food Banks and/or School distributions


General Assistance

Your Credit Report

In response to COVID-19, you can now request your credit reports, for free, WEEKLY from each of the nationwide consumer reporting agencies through April 2021. (Typically, each of these companies will provide one free credit report every 12 months upon request.)

As a result of a 2019 settlement, all U.S. consumers may also request up to 6 free copies of their Equifax credit report during any 12-month period through Dec. 31, 2026. These free copies will be provided to you in addition to any free reports to which you are entitled under federal law.