June 2022

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Farewell Pee Wee
For many years, Pee Wee Penguin has been a part our youth savings accounts, encouraging young members to save and grow with the Credit Union. But Pee...
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Congratulations to our 120th St. ITM users!
There were 3 ways to “WIN” when using our new ITM at our 120th St. location! 1. FREE gifts!1 Thank you to everyone who stopped by our new...
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You could save thousands of dollars on auto repairs!
If you have a mechanical breakdown on your vehicle, it could easily cost thousands of dollars. Is your bank account prepared for that? We can help...
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Device Protection – Is Your Personal Information Safe?
With smart device ownership on the rise, is your personal information safe? A 2021 study by Deloitte found that the average American internet...