Switch Kit

Switching your checking account should be easy! Stop by a FNCU location to quickly set up an account or use our online application.

Step 1 - Stop by any of our locations and open a FNCU checking account.
Step 2 - Download the 3 forms below.
Authorization to 
Transfer Funds Form

Use this letter to notify your old financial institution(s) that you are closing your accounts, and to instruct them how to disburse any remaining funds. Please make sure to leave enough money in your old account(s) to cover any outstanding payments.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Use this form to start or switch your current direct deposit from your old account(s) to your new First Nebraska account. If you receive your pay from the Government or the Social Security Administration please use this link to complete the appropriate Government Direct Deposit Forms.

Electronic Payment Change Authorization Form

If you utilize electronic payments that are automatically withdrawn from your existing checking account, please complete this form to switch payments to your new First Nebraska checking account.

Step 3 - Complete the forms and fax to the appropriate company for processing.
Step 4 - Confirm that your new transactions are set up.
Step 5 - Properly destroy and dispose of all old checks, deposit slips, ATM and debit cards.