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I would like to get a copy of my husband’s statements, but I can only get mine. Is there a way for me to get his?

You only have access to the statements for the account you are the primary owner of. If your husband is the primary FNCU member, and you are a Joint on his account, you will not be able to get his statement without using a log in for his account. Likewise, if you are both FNCU members but you have separate accounts, you will only have access to the statement of the account in which you are logged into. This is true even if you are able to see the accounts listed in our online/mobile banking, because statements are issued by account number. If you would like a copy of a statement for an account you are listed as a Joint Owner of, give us a call at (402) 492-9100 and we are happy to see what options work best to get you a copy of the statement securely.

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