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I see some activity on the account that is not mine. What do I do?

If you see activity on the account that does not belong to you, please contact us immediately at (402) 492-9100 so we can assist with figuring out what charges may not be yours and what next steps need to be. First Nebraska Credit Union offers free fraud monitoring on all our checking accounts via a third-party service called Fraud Watch. If you receive a call from them regarding suspicious activity on the account, you will need to verify if the transactions they list are fraudulent or not. If the transactions flagged by Fraud Watch are fraudulent, please call us at (402) 492-9100 to start the process of getting a new card printed and those fraudulent charges removed. You should always review your monthly statements, whether you get them electronically or in the mail, for account activity that may not belong to you. Call First Nebraska CU if you suspect your account has been compromised OR if you’re seeing activity that does not look familiar.

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